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About is a website meant to be more like a little tool that helps you in your trades. Everything is automated, from the item selection to the trade, in order to obtain the fastest and most comfortable experience.
Thank you!
About me
Hello! My name is Ax_6 (well... on the internet ofc) and I'm the creator of I'm studying electronics engineering in Italy and I love programming, is just soo cool! I started learning C mainly for microcontrollers. When I also decided to learn some web stuff, I thought, since I didn't know what to do, to apply it on TF2! So TF2 Sfuminator was born. That's how I learned the mechanism of APIs (like the Steam ones), PHP, Javascript and all these things that run on the site. Why Sfuminator? Well, originally Sfuminator was the name of one of my preferred electronic projects (you can look it up on youtube ;o) so I got this domain for it and then I moved it away in order to use the site for team fortress.
Official group
If you want you can keep in touch with the sfuminator community by joining the group. You will be also updated with the important news regarding the site and you will be able to keep track of the bot (that nasty guy that empties its friend list every day >:|).
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Bot and hosting
Ax & Pijama and DigitalOcean
Server and bot are hosted by DigitalOcean, Ax & Pijama is pretty dummy so... please don't offend it. It will answer you always the same way.