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    SHREDDER2025 1 month ago
    website barely works anymore man, used to be my favorite bot. not the thing is basically broken
    how can you donate?
    Doge 1 year ago
    Welcome back :D
    Vlad 1 year ago
    update your freaking site m8
    cafél 1 year ago
    how do i donate ?
    Prisoner 3471 1 year ago
    Misc section, says that I don't have enough metal, but I have them.
    Ax, Pls help me. Bot took my item and not display in market
    Donramax 3 years ago
    And another one ( not dj khaled ) you still need to add edit but i figured out that steam thinks that i haven't had steam mobile authenticator for 7 days or it is with the bot its quit complicated but if i could cancel the waiting for 15 days then i would be happier but that isnt a thing so far so i will try it tommorow and cancel the trade so that i dont have to wait 15 days but also quick question does the bot have steam authenticator for more then 7 days ? because then it could be the fault of the bot
    Donramax 3 years ago
    Also another note i checked again and i have had my steam mobile guard up for atleast 7 days so its very weird
    Donramax 3 years ago
    Also i checked and it said on hold for 15 days what does it mean that the bot still has to get 40 ref to pay me ?

    Also tip add it so that you can edit a text becuase if i want to add something then i have to type it after the other message
    Donramax 3 years ago
    I've opened a ticket including the hats i traded i can't take screenshots but trust me i am not lying also if i have done something wrong like trading to much hats for way to much ref please tell me
    Best bot Ever! So friendly
    LegendaryMartin 3 years ago
    K-ram 3 years ago
    Bulc 3 years ago
    i think the bot are not working
    ~♥Llamas♥~ 3 years ago
    Best. Bot. System.
    OkayyElla 3 years ago
    i love but latly I have to redo trades over and over intil it trades
    Storm 3 years ago
    +rep haha You have the BEST bot :D it is so interactive :D
    Comex 4 years ago
    RETs 4 years ago
    can you add more line for the bot? i lovw how to asking the bot some competely stupit ques without being annoying XD
    Some Psycho 4 years ago
    I have a problem with the bot, often my email confirmations take a while and have before been longer than two minutes which is the time allowed to accept it. It would be appreciated to have a longer time period for people to accept trade confirmations.
    Pinkie Pie 4 years ago
    when will the bot be programed to give and recieve hugs?
    j0hn 4 years ago
    bot sold me a gifted misc without a warning or something on the webpage now I can't sell it to anyone :C
    bosse 4 years ago
    how do i donate ref?
    Pinkie Pie 4 years ago
    why don't you code it into the bot, so when you hug him, he will hug back?
    Fuchs 4 years ago
    Bot isn't sending any trades why? Been waiting 2 days now
    Bots now working
    i want das gutenkutteharen
    Theodorox 4 years ago
    Are you ever thinking of selling taunts on this trading site?
    Can you make support of painted hats? :P I kinda have a problem with my Yellow Hat Of Cards :PPP
    Jαѕρυʀʀ 4 years ago
    Sell and Buy hats for a great price on here, way better than
    M4xW3|| 4 years ago
    I have problem can we talk on steam ?
    Pinkie Pie 4 years ago
    can you make the bot hug back when you hug it?
    Gaster Blaster 4 years ago
    your bot was lost some ref too
    WeaMan 4 years ago are the same as but this place is not a rip of they sell/when I was trading my spy misc I got 2.77 but on I was going to get 2.33. xD
    Mario_CZ 4 years ago
    I love this bot :3
    pupo 4 years ago
    No problem mate, now works fine!
    Uncle Demo 4 years ago
    how about taking the price limit from 7 to 10ref dont know why i just thought that would changa some things
    Pinkie Pie 4 years ago
    can you make the bot hug back when you hug it?
    Can you make new bots? Just a simple suggestion. :P
    Night Wolf 4 years ago
    Asghar_Fighter 4 years ago
    Excellent i get all rare hats i wants never find in sites & this site much better than :D
    bro can i donate? can't add u im f2p xD
    _Spooky_Skelex 4 years ago
    i love this bot :P
    I love this bot :3
    Ax_6 4 years ago
    If you would like to donate add me on steam ;)
    I want to donate
    Bakesense 4 years ago
    I would like to donate please :D
    Pinkie Pie 4 years ago
    can you make the bot hug back?
    Can you add a 2nd bot please?
    Jase 4 years ago
    i want to donate 1.11 ref
    Silver 4 years ago
    I wanna donate 1.66 ref
    i want to donate 1 ref
    i cant add friens....
    두 부 4 years ago
    I want keys
    Fabi 4 years ago
    I want to donate 5 ref :D ( not that much)
    Can i donate?
    riru 4 years ago
    your picture " =D " looks like an Asian penis.
    Silver 4 years ago
    I would like to donate :3
    Solitaire 4 years ago
    I would like to make a donation.
    Delite 4 years ago
    Yeah that site much better than
    TreasureGhost 4 years ago
    better than inhat banking in my opinion
    Kr![X]!S 4 years ago
    I have 2 ref . I need two hat for this and I need premium :/
    4 years ago
    great site. will you be doing weapons or other items?
    i wish to donate
    Tylfen 4 years ago
    buying the breakneck baggies
    i know its not much but i want to donate a ref and when i get better stuff i will continue to donate XD love the website btw
    IshaME 4 years ago
    Im donating a taunt!
    Bob 4 years ago
    i wanna donate a ref
    changes 4 years ago
    i want to donate ;D
    AFK brb 4 years ago
    can i donate some metal?
    demopan 4 years ago
    DeadWall ಥ_ಥ 4 years ago
    Hyp3r 4 years ago
    i wanted to comment about a glitch in your bot i added some weapons in the trade and ready up and than unready and than he added extra metal when i removed my just saying u might want to fix that :)
    Hi :DD
    Hi :D
    RIP 4 years ago
    Great Site
    D3mark0 4 years ago
    I want to donate, dude :)
    @d m3 2 d0n@t3 m8
    Pleb 4 years ago
    I want to donate items just add me
    Hey i want to donate someone things
    Hey i wana donate some stuff xD
    Coltsta -TPF- 4 years ago
    G'DAY M8.
    Go to my profile i'll donate! just go add me as a friend ;)
    Gᴇᴏʀɢᴇ 4 years ago
    add me to donate
    gigi 4 years ago
    add me for donate xD
    TITAN 4 years ago
    can u add me :3
    TITAN 4 years ago
    added to Donate 3ref ;3
    kanikou 4 years ago
    Added you to donate :3
    Nassu 4 years ago
    Great website my friend!
    Ax_6 4 years ago
    Nassu, I've added you on steam for a deeper look into your problem
    Nassu 4 years ago
    One of your bots ripped me off of 2 ref and I was going to get a Distinguished Rogue, so I'm really angry at him for doing this. I'm kind of angry at you too >:\. Fix your bots or something.
    Xtap 4 years ago
    Hola or hello
    Watch_Doggo 4 years ago
    szechuan sauce 4 years ago
    ItsLuca 4 years ago
    Hi, you have a amazing group and really nice coding ;)
    Ax_6 5 years ago
    Please read the faq thanks
    ♕Subvoxhall♕ 5 years ago
    hi umm u know the selling thing form the bot is not working right
    papi jeff 5 years ago
    Hi! i sent you a friend request. :)
    Ax_6 5 years ago
    You will gain It will cost
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